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February 26, 2020 - Advanced Powder Coating Weekly Racing Series

Greenwood, LA (2/26/19) – Boothill Speedway would like to welcome Advanced Powder Coating as a Corporate Partner and announce that the Weekly Racing Series will be now known as the “Advanced Powder Coating Weekly Racing Series” in 2020.  “I cannot say enough to thank Ronnie and Terri Stuckey for stepping up and coming on board as a corporate partner and putting their Advanced Powder Coating brand on our the Weekly Racing Series.” – Brian Frazier, Boothill Speedway Promotor.

 “People in the racing world know of their history in Late Model racing, Black Diamond Chassis, and so on, but I think many people don’t realize how big their powder coating business has become.  It isn’t just for small parts, race cars, and so on.  Advanced Powder Coating specializes and focuses on powder coating oversize structures and pieces that you find in the logging, oil, gas, and other industrial areas of the commercial world.  You have to go to the DFW area to find a curing oven as big as the oven they have onsite at Advanced Powder Coating.” Mr. Frazier continued.

When asked for comment on the announcement Mrs. Stuckey responded “Ronnie and I are from this area, we both love racing naturally as we are in that business, but we also are very proud of the company we have built in Advanced Powder Coating.  We have a terrific staff and we want to make sure our friends in the racing world know what we are capable of doing in the powder coating industry. Working with Boothill Speedway gives us the opportunity to give back to the sport, community, and friends that we love and support and also provides an avenue to get the Advance Powder Coating brand in front of a larger audience.  We are excited about the continued growth and momentum at Boothill Speedway over the last few years and equally excited for both the speedway and Advanced Powder Coating in the future.”

Advanced Powder Coating is a proud corporate partner of Boothill Speedway and the Weekly Racing Series. At Advanced Powder Coating we can do everything you expect from a powder coater, but the difference is… we can do so much more.
Based in Shreveport, Louisiana, Advanced Powder Coating employs a staff of 30 inside of a 12,500 square foot shop. Our state-of-the-art equipment includes both a 20 foot long oven and a 32 ½ foot long oven.

Check us out today at so that you can learn more about what we can do to exceed your expectations.