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May 6, 2020 - Racing Action Resumes on Saturday, May 9
Boothill Speedway has been working with and received approval from the City of Greenwood to resume racing beginning this Saturday night, May 9, 2020 with an Advanced Powder Coating Weekly Racing Series Event. We would like to thank Mayor Frank Stawasz, Police Chief Shayne Gibson, and Ms. Veronica Brown for their support and working with the speedway to get this done! We would also like to thank Gene Boyter for working with us schedule wise.

The Pit Gates will open at 4 pm, Grandstands will open at 5 pm, and racing begins at 7 pm. The Advance Powder Coating Weekly Racing event will feature the Frazier Accounting Crate Late Models, Granger Equipment Factory Stocks, LED4Life ProMods, Limited Modifieds, and FWDs!!

General Admission is $10 for Adults (12 and Up), $5 for Kids (6-11), 5 and Under Free. Pit Passes will be $30. $10 Cooler Charge is in place for coolers no larger than 48 quarts.

General Admission will be capped at 25% of seating capacity and while no limit will be in place regarding race teams entries, only 4 (Driver + 3) team members will be allowed in the pit area per car with other social distancing and safety guidelines in place. Concessions in both the General Admission and Pit Area will be open and fully stocked.

Pit Passes will not be sold individually as normal, so teams that enter this weekend’s event must arrive together and enter the facility at the same time as the car you are team member of. If you do not arrive with your team or you intend on viewing the racing action as a spectator from the pits, you will not be allowed to buy a single pit pass and you will be directed to the General Admission area.

There will be no going in between the Pit and Grandstand Area as those gates will be closed. You must stay in the Pit area if you have a pit pass. The Pit Stands are only to be occupied by team members when their car is on the speedway. If your car is not on the speedway, you must remain in your pit area and cannot stand near the fence or be in the stands watching on-track activity.

Please read the following guidelines as these will be in place until further notice. Please understand, if you are found to be willfully not following the guidelines that are in place you will be asked to leave the speedway. It is vital that everyone adheres to these guidelines so the speedway can continue to operate during this COVID-19 Pandemic.

• General Admission will be held at 25% occupancy.

• Families may sit together and must keep a 6’ distance between other groups or individuals sitting nearby.

• Family groups cannot be larger than 10 people. More than 10, families must separate into 2 groups and sit 6' apart.

• The gate from the general admission and pit area will remain closed and there will be no movement between those 2 designated areas by spectators or race teams.

• Race Teams must park ALL tow vehicles in a manner that will leave a safe distance between competitors and use social distancing measures there as well.

• Each car is allowed a maximum of 4 crew members (3 crewman plus driver). All crew members must arrive and enter the pit area together to be accurately accounted for.

• Pit crew members are only allowed to sit in the Pit Side Viewing section when their driver/car is on the speedway. At all other times during the event, crew members must stay within their pit area.

• Concessions will be open and will have social distancing guidelines in place.

• All track employees will utilize a mask and gloves. Spectators, Drivers, and Crew members are encouraged to utilize mask and gloves.