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July 4, 2020 - Terry Phillips Wraps Up CCSDS Firecracker Nationals with Boothill Speedway Victory
Entering Saturday night’s COMP Cams Super Dirt Series (CCSDS) Super Late Models finale of of the inaugural Four-For-Four Firecracker Nationals, it had been eight years since Dirt Late Model Hall of Famer, Terry Phillips had won with the tour. However, the Missouri racer ended that skid with a $4,000 triumph in the night’s 40-lap finale. (Millie Tanner photo)

Phillips, who started second, overcame a battle with the New Vision Graphics Pole Sitter, Billy Moyer to score his third-career series win.

“The car was pretty good,” Phillips said. “I’ve been hanging out with (Ronnie) Stuckey over here (at Black Diamond) and they’ve got us dialed in, so hat’s off to them. It’s pretty cool when you’ve got your hero (Billy Moyer) beside you on a start. I’m an old guy, but he’s still me hero. He’s older than me. I told somebody it was a total Geritol front row going on, but I think we’ve still got it.”

Phillips victory increased the 2020 CCSDS count to 11 different winners in the first 13 series events. Only Timothy Culp and Jimmy Owens have made multiple trips to victory lane this season.

Moyer, Jon Mitchell, Spencer Hughes, and Hunter Rasdon completed the Top 5 behind winner, Phillips.

Also notably, there’s a new Midwest Sheet Metal Marked Man atop the series standings. Missouri’s Logan Martin holds a 60-point advantage over defending CCSDS Champion, Timothy Culp for the point’s lead. Current Midwest Sheet Metal Rookie of the Year leader, Spencer Hughes sits in third with B.J. Robinson and Morgan Bagley rounding out the current Top 5 in the standings.

Feature Finish
1)Terry Phillips 2)Billy Moyer 3)Jon Mitchell 4)Spencer Hughes 5)Hunter Rasdon 6)Morgan Bagley 7)David Breazeale 8)Brian Rickman 9)B.J. Robinson 10)Logan Martin 11)Robbie Stuart 12)Rick Rickman 13)Alex Ashley 14)David Payne 15)Brandon Hightower 16)Joe Godsey 17)Neil Baggett 18)Chad Mallett 19)Timothy Culp 20)Drew Armstrong

DNS: Mason Jordan, Jeff Roth, Derrick Nichols, Robbie Starnes

CRUSA Dirt Late Models A Feature 1 (20 Laps): 1. 15-Tracy Denby Jr; 2. 19-Jamie Burford; 3. 3J-Kevin DuPont; 4. 21-David Winslett; 5. 75-Patrick Daniels; 6. 4JR-Boone Evans; 7. 14-Chase Allen; 8. 57-Chad Dupont; 9. B52-Brandon Hightower; 10. 4JC-Tim Eaves; 11. 27-Chase Delrio; 12. 24-Garren Lindsey; 13. 28G-Colton Guin; 14. 30-Joel Couvillion; 15. 22-Mark Townsend; 16. 23JR-Cliff Tupper; 17. 69-TY Veuleman; 18. 95-Anthony Boatman; 19. P79-Jason Page; 20. 33-Sid Scarbrough; 21. 3-Luke Bennett; 22. (DNS) 155-Scottie Dubois; 23. (DNS) D12-David Dubose

Factory Stocks A Feature 1 (20 Laps): 1. 21-Bubba Jones; 2. 35S-JT Turner; 3. 7L-Dewayne Rains; 4. D3-David Edwards; 5. 07R-Thad Royce; 6. 7H-Arthur Hicks; 7. 6-Cameron Furrh; 8. 55-Cody Myers; 9. 88M-Joshua Martin; 10. 2R-Ryan Roberts; 11. 22W-Codey White; 12. 27-Bubba Vines; 13. 42-Timothy Holt; 14. 5-Paul Lopez; 15. 7S-Cortland Smith; 16. 91-Billy Davis; 17. 14-Kelly Lockey; 18. 68-James Martin; 19. COLT45-Dean Rascoe; 20. 1-Tony Lindsey; 21. XXX-Shawn Graham; 22. 81-Ricky Ingalls; 23. 1D-Dalton Dubois

Limited Modified A Feature 1: 1. 9-Shane Hebert; 2. 15T-Coty Tupper; 3. 955-Robert Metz; 4. C7-Corey Neil Jr; 5. 99JR-Mark Underwood Jr; 6. 55-Ricky Burk; 7. 69-Derick Grigsby; 8. 4JR-Boone Evans; 9. F5-Skeet Amason; 10. 59-Ronny Freeland; 11. 1X-Chris Gardner; 12. 15X-Dakoda Wyatt; 13. 14JR-Michael King Jr; 14. 77M-Brandon Miller; 15. 15H-Jarred Hebert; 16. 213-Tim Strickland; 17. 1C-Abigail Wilkerson; 18. 15-Michael King; 19. 2G-Trip Grider; 20. 15G-Dennie Gieber; 21. 81-Ricky Ingalls; 22. 61-Trinity Kenward; 23. (DNS) 40R-Chucky Robertson; 24. (DNS) K1-Stephen Guidry; 25. (DNS) 14-Nathan Granger

B Modifieds A Feature 1 (20 Laps): 1. 4V-Doug Vick Jr; 2. 27-Mike Washburn; 3. 16-Jason Beasley; 4. 4-Jeffrey Beshea; 5. 20-Michael Easley; 6. 36-Kevin McCoy; 7. 4X-Devin Richards; 8. 43J-BJ Cook; 9. 27L-Carl Lindsey; 10. 2-Jeff Rice; 11. 11A-Greg Armstrong; 12. 96-Michael Knighton; 13. "0"-Justin Cook; 14. 75-Dustin Wilhite; 15. 34X-Richard Cecil; 16. 33-Randy Darlin; 17. 57-Austin Dupont; 18. 29-Cameron Pate; 19. 23-Dalton Deville; 20. M22-James Dubroc

Sport Compact A Feature 1 (3 Laps): 1. 88-Danny Bryant; 2. 58-Chris Bruce; 3. 75-John Tuggle; 4. 903-JESSE TATE; 5. C49-Justin Converse; 6. F5-Brittany Graham; 7. H30-Matthew Loe; 8. 7J-Tyler Jowers; 9. 5-Ashton Riddle; 10. 1G-Lauren Drummer; 11. 29D-Chase Davis; 12. ZR8-Zoie Whittington; 13. 15-Jase Newton; 14. 25-Jamie Kruithof; 15. 34-mitch durham; 16. 31-DALTON VINES; 17. K2-Cheyanne Chandler; 18. 14-Chris Collier; 19. J7-Jaye Chreene; 20. 21M-MORGAN POWELL; 21. 4A-Austin Warner