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November 10, 2021 - Boothill Speedway's 2021 Season Draws to a Close
The 2021 Season at Boothill Speedway has officially come to a close with the completion of last night's Cajun Swing by the Short Track Super Series and Short Track Super Series Cajun Region competitors. The Cold Turkey that was planned for Thanksgiving weekend has been cancelled so work can begin on the many track improvements that are planned to be completed in time for the 2022 season, some of which were delayed or postponed due to the 2021 winter storm and wet spring.

On behalf of Tim and Danielle, thank you to all of the drivers and race fans who chose to spend their time and money to make Boothill Speedway their home on race nights in 2021. Without each of your support the track would not be a success over the last 49 years. 2022 will bring about Boothill Speedway's 50th season of operation and we are looking forward to this milestone event. The list of race tracks competing for 50 years in the United States without interruption is growing shorter by the year and we should all be proud of this milestone. As I said before, without the drivers and fans this milestone would not be possible.

We would also like to thank Advanced Powder Coating & Diamond Coatings, ABC Auto Parts, Frazier Accounting, LLC, Granger Equipment, LED 4 Life, and VP Racing Fuels for their corporate partnerships with the speedway. Your support of weekly racing at Boothill has been incredible and it appreciated by the entire racing community.

The schedule for 2022 is taking shape and the final schedule will be published no later than December 1st. The 2022 season will see the return of all 5 of Boothill's weekly racing classes. In addition, Boothill will be welcoming the COMP Cams Super Dirt Series, Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series, Elite Non-Wing Sprint Car Series, USRA American Racer Modified Series, Short Track Super Series Cajun Region to name a few. Discussions with other touring series are in the works as well as other events that we all think the fans will be excited to see. Once those dates can be finalized we will get those announced.

A few key races that can be announced are the following:
March 3rd thru 5th - 3rd Annual Ronny Adams Memorial featuring the Comp Cams Super Late Models
June 3rd & 4th - Boothill Speedway's Golden Anniversary Weekend
June 18th - ASCS National Sprint Car Series
July 28th thru 30th - 8th Annual King of the Hill.

The 8th Annual Battle of Boothill, 2nd Annual Billy Melton Memorial, and the 50th Louisiana Dirt Track State Championships featuring the Comp Cams Super Late Models will also be announced as those dates are finalized.

The 2022 rules will be released this Friday, November 12th. Once they are uploaded on Boothill's website an announcement will be made.

I hope each of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years surrounded by family and friends. February 2022 is not that far off and we look forward to seeing everyone when Boothill Speedway returns for its' 50th Anniversary Season!!

Always remember, "If you wanna' race, the Hills the place!"
- Brian Frazier